Bruce's Favorite Salad



Bruce’s Favorite Salad

Dressing: Kerry Wood Healthy Foods Sesame Dressing

Serving size: 1 portion


KWHF Sesame Dressing
Romaine Lettuce
3 tablespoons olive brine (from a bottle of green olives)
½ cup cut up cucumber ¾ inch sections.
1 small chopped tomato
¼ cup chopped or shredded carrots
¼ cup chopped celery
¼ cup mixed nuts
2 tablespoons crumbled blue cheese
Sprinkling of unsalted sunflower seeds
Salt and pepper to taste

Use organic where possible. Start with romaine lettuce found in 3 packs at most stores. I like to cut it up by slicing a head of romaine lettuce into 2 inch sections.   I’ll usually cut all 3 heads at once so that we’ll have access to fresh lettuce from a plastic bag saved in the fridge for the next few days. Wash and spin dry the pieces. For stored lettuce add a single paper towel to the plastic bag to absorb moisture.

Add to a bowl and toss in arugula to your liking. We love it and add it generously to the romaine.

I like a large salad especially if that will be my whole meal. So you may want to decrease some of the quantities here if you’re having a smaller salad.

Add the cucumber, carrots, celery, tomato, mixed nuts, sunflower seeds and blue cheese to the bowl. Salt and pepper to taste.

Next add the 3 tablespoons of brine to the bowl and mix in with the content of the bowl.

Add enough KWHF Sesame dressing to lightly coat all of your bowl’s contents. Mix well.

Notes about this salad:

The brine serves to cut the oil making the salad light to the taste.  One of the great outcomes of this combination of vegetables, brine and dressing is a resulting liquid that is sublime and incredibly fresh.