Hi, I am a freshman living in NYC and bought your sesame dressing at Whole Foods as I was attracted to the eye catching label that says 'healthy'. I looked at the nutritional label and was amazed at how its only 35 calories and zero carb or protein!! When I meal prep last week, I had raw zucchini noodles in and was not looking forward to it, I thought it would taste like raw cucumber. But when I heated it up and put in a TBSP of your sesame dressing on the zucchini, it was so delicious and magical. I was so amazed at the flavor and the difference it makes. Just some warm zucchini noodles with a tablespoon of store bought dressing tasted like Japanese ramen noodles from a restaurant, I'm not kidding. I never was this interested in a salad dressing which made me look you up online. Thank you, you made me look forward to cooking at home as a beginner and enjoying easy meals. Cindy




We used Kerry Wood dressing to marinate our veggie kabobs for our Friday event – very yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!  

W.F.Culinary Demo Specialist





Hello -

I first experienced your sensational salad dressing when I was visiting a friend of mine in Connecticut. Ever since the initial tasting, I have had to ask my friend to bring me multiple bottles of it whenever she comes to visit. I am writing to see whether or not your salad dressings are available anywhere in MA and if not, if they might be anytime in the near future?

Editors note: Our dressings are in many Wholefoods Stores in the Northeast Corridor. We don't always know which stores they are placed in.


Hi there! I've never done this before, but I just had to contact you to let you know how much I love your salad dressing! So far I've only tasted the Tuscany flavor, so I need to be sure to try your other variety soon. The brilliant mix of olive oil, parmesan cheese, and vinegar adds a real delight to my salads, which I now (for the first time) look forward to eating every chance I get! So my waistline and I thank you dearly! Best wishes and much success to you.  

TMJ, Westport, CT


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Hi Kerry,

I carry a picture on my iPhone of your dressing so I don't forget what it looks like in  case I am near a store that might carry it. Good news. When I went to the Union Square store I bypassed the employees and went right to the refrigerated section in produce and there was your dressing. I purchased 3 bottles. Can't wait to get home tonight and surprise my wife. Maybe one day you will be available online.



Hi Kerry, 

Just wanted you to know that I bought your dressing this afternoon (two bottles) and used it on my salad (of course I already knew that would be great from your sample at Stew Leonard's).  But I also marinated portobello mushrooms and my husband grilled them.

I can't begin to tell you how fantastic they were.  I get grilled portobellos all the time when we're out and I've never had any that compares to the way these tasted. 

My family would like me to stop talking about this already, lol.

Lots of luck with your company! 



Hi Kerry,

I live in Portsmouth NH - and am rarely in CT.  I was wondering if you had a distribution location that was closer to me.  Or do you have the ability to ship?

I'm sure you meet tons of folks at Stew Leonards.... but I met you this past summer and I tried one of your salad dressings - the "Healthy Salad Dressing - Taste of Tuscany".  We have been savoring it for months, all of our friends have tried it, and we've had to ration it out so that it would last longer!  Even my stubborn three year old twins will eat vegetables with your dressing on it :) Tonight, we had to let the last two drops dribble out... help!   


I purchased your salad dressing this weekend at Stew Leonards and it was absolutely wonderful…….thank you…for being creative… M.E. Saddle Brook, NJ



Thought you would get a kick out of this. Grand daughter is finishing off the salad dressing in State College. No Whole Foods here---yet!  have a nice weekend. Snowing here. :(  

Carol Y. 







I had some of your salad dressing while visiting the east coast this summer and would like to know where I can purchase it.  I'm in the San Francisco bay area in CA, and would love a taste of tuscany on some of our fresh salads here.  Thank you for your time. Sincerely, PL, Newark, California


I have recently weaned myself off a long fat-free salad dressing kick.  I bought the fat free stuff for years and years. I was a die hard fan…even though I admit, I couldn’t pronounce many of the ingredients on the bottle.I always thought that if I used the regular stuff with oil I would be consuming too many calories. But you know what I discovered? A little bit of the GOOD stuff- with fat!- is much more satisfying than drowning the salad in fat free dressing. I have just a couple tablespoons of this homemade dressing on my salad and it is perfection. The olive oil gives the salad more satiety too. When you use the real stuff, less is more.

I used to be the fat free QUEEN, my friends. I bought fat-free cheese slices, fat-free yogurt, fat-free ice cream, fat-free cool whip, fat-free candy, fat-free cookies, etc! It is quite funny because now I eat a ton of healthy fats in my diet, from avocados to nut butters, chia seeds to olive oil. I never used to eat any of these things in the past because I was scared of the fat. My poor body was deprived of healthy fat for years. Luckily I am making up for lost time!